The Satisfied Client's Story


Recent testimonials from our clients.

Our new friend Melody

Melody Pic.jpg

Hello!  This is Ann who purchased and took a puppy from your house on the first day of the New Year!  We named him ‘Melody”.  I am so grateful to have such a lovely and pretty friend. Melody fell asleep well on the whole trip to my house.  Contrary to my worries, we arrived comfortably.  Melody adapts well to his new environment. He eats well, and plays well.  He is the greatest joy and happiness of our family.  I just wanted to give you his update.  I hope you are always healthy and safe. 

Thank you so much once again.

Our new puppy Charlie

We are so grateful that our search for a Barbet puppy led us to Karen Lorenz of Companions with Heaven!  Karen called us promptly in response to our inquiry and gave a detailed description of her breading Barbets and the testing she has done. She responded promptly to any follow-up questions, as well. She was knowledgeable of the requirements of air travel with a puppy and met us promptly at the appointed time with our bouncing puppy boy! Our new puppy “Charlie” was clean, healthy looking, cheerful and affectionate right upon greeting.  Karen had all of the AKC and that paperwork in order.


Charlie traveled exceedingly well, remaining calm and quiet through eight hours of flights and layovers.  He has responded well to our other dogs and family members showing evidence of having been well socialized. He seems to have a very stable nervous system, calming very quickly from any startling event.  He has been sleeping through the night in his crate beside her bed, without complaint from the first night!  Charlie has kept his crate clean and has been a cinch to house train, with only one accident in the house so far.  By the second day, he went to the door and whined to go out!


Most impressive besides his sweet disposition has been his learning ability.  Charlie learned to offer a “sit” for more kibble while being hand fed on the first day.  After naming this position, he quickly learned to sit on command.  On his third day with us, this nine week old puppy learn to try to drop to a down position when a treat was lowered to the floor in front of him.  Many dogs take a long time to figure out what you want them to do, and just paw at the hand holding the treat and get frustrated, but not Charlie!  His learning potential seems unlimited and we are excitedly looking forward to participating in dog sports as well as just having a companion who is so joyful and smoothly integrated into our household!




Cathy and Harry Cook

Our amazing new puppy Casette

Dear Karen, 


I am writing to thank you for our amazing “Casette”!  She is now five months old, and she is everything you said she would be and more.  We could not have a more perfect dog then her.  She is beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, playful, affectionate, and a great playmate and guardian of my too active grandsons ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2.  She is attentive to my husband, who’s health Is declining, and a wonderful companion to me.  All of the things you said she would be. Truly, I can't thank you enough!


I also want to thank you for making the entire experience of getting Casette, our beautiful chestnut barbet (with her one white paw) an Incredible experience.  Our many conversations, initially about the breed, searching for a puppy, making the logistic arrangements of getting her to South Florida, and just answering all of my questions that were always addressed immediately.  You are full of intuition with attention to detail. Having to select our puppy based in our family information you gained from our talks, was spot on!!  Thank you, thank you.  We are so very happy.

Jay M Fleming

Your Bichons are Amazing

We have had Bichons for many years.  Our first choice on the breed.  Personally I feel the Bichon Breed is truly linked up with Karen Lorenz from Companions from Heaven.  Their home and facility is a well kept location and perfect for breeding Bichons in a manicured, a very clean and well run Operation.  She has more love to all the dogs, more than i have seen and she is so ethical.  The health of each pup and parent is tremendous.  He Bichon pups from her and each pup is very loving indeed.  You will not go wrong by doing business with Karen, and her truly ethical business.  We give Karen a 5 Star ***** Rating. 


Thank you very much Karen.

My JoJo is the best

Hello Karen,


I want to drop you a line to let you know how JoJo (Mia) is doing.  I was so broken hearted when I lost a little poodle of 14 years.  Then I decided I needed another little friend. Wow! I have no idea how I stumbled on your site for puppies.  I ended up with the best little dog I have ever had in my life!  My puppy is glued to me at all times. When I leave the house, she's on the back of the couch watching out the window on my return. Her pillow is above mine  in bed. When I say let's go to bed and I lift her onto the bed she knows right where her pillow is.

I didn't as you suggested raw chicken treats for a few days with only we feeding her. My husband and I laugh because she's definitely my dog.  She likes my husband, but to this day will bark him if he comes near me. She's so sweet though.  She would not bite anyone, that sure puts up a show protecting me while wagging her tail.  I just wanted to let you know she is the queen of this house and we love her dearly! Thank you so much for what you do in raising a beautiful little souls!